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There may be a lot of attorneys who can settle your case at the “front end,” but who do not have the time, the desire or the experience, to go to trial.

At the same time, not every case goes to trial. In fact, more than half of the cases filed settle beforehand. The issue is whether the settlement fairly represents the value of the case, and its relative strengths and risks.

You should consider the experience of the attorney who represents you.

There are myriad rules involved, governing issues as seemingly (though not necessarily) mundane as the proper identification of your opposition and the service of your lawsuit on the proper party (or parties), to the following of court orders with respect to discovery and the naming of experts, deposing witnesses and ultimately preparing legal memoranda for a judge, preparing jury instructions, trying your case, and if necessary, filing appeals.

The Fernandez Law Firm brings with it more than a decade of experience in Iowa litigation.

Joseph W. Fernandez began his career as a Law Clerk to the Hon. Senior Judge Donald E. O’Brien, Federal jurist for the Northern District of Iowa. During his tenure as a law clerk, Mr. Fernandez personally watched more than 150 jury or bench trials. He read and prepared jury instructions for Judge O’Brien. He did legal research for Judge O’Brien and wrote draft opinions. After his clerkship, Mr. Fernandez was associated with one of the five law firms that represented the State of Iowa against the Tobacco Industry. He was responsible, not only for engaging in discovery in that complex litigation, but for researching, drafting and revising every motion and brief issued by the Attorney Genera, the result of which produced literally millions of dollars for the State of Iowa. A former colleague of Mr. Fernandez, who is a past president of the Iowa Association for Justice, described Mr. Fernandez in 1996 as “the finest legal writer and researcher I have experienced in my 22 years of practice.”

Mr. Fernandez has the experience and credentials to go from beginning to end with your case. At the same time, his breadth of experience allows him to be pragmatic, and to give you a fair assessment of your case and its value. But in the end, it is important to understand that Mr. Fernandez will not knowingly or willingly shortchange you for a “quick buck.” He is not afraid to go to trial.

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