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We have all seen the “1-800” advertisements for “settle for some amount and collect a fee” personal injury attorneys. These individuals serve a purpose, but often it is not yours.

When it comes to personal injury lawyers, there are matters you need to carefully consider. Your medical records should be thoroughly analyzed; not only your current records, but your records from the past. When considering the value of your case, you need an Iowa advocate who can determine how much of a recovery is “enough.” Consideration need be given to your physical condition, and your long term medical needs. If your medical care was provided, in any part, through insurance, you probably have an obligation as part of your insurance contract to reimburse your carrier for the costs it incurred. You probably lost work while being treated for, and healing from, your injuries. Your lost wages should be considered. You have family members for whom you perform certain services, both practical and intimate. If you cannot, or could not for a time, carry on your obligations as parent and spouse, you may be entitled to compensation for that. Also, there is compensation for your pain and suffering. In the end, when it comes time to decide whether to settle or go to trial, you must be able to determine whether the amount you are offered, if anything, will compensate not only you now, but you from the past, you into the future and – not insignificantly, your insurance carrier.

Joseph W. Fernandez has in-depth experience as an Iowa personal injury lawyer.

The Fernandez Law Firm will review your medical records. If need be, it will obtain the help of a medical professional to evaluate those records. The Firm will work with your treating physicians and, if need be, additional experts in the field who can provide resources and testimony about your condition. Ultimately, your case will be handled, from start to finish, with an eye toward ensuring that any recovery is adequate to protect you, and your carrier. If this were not so, the Firm would not be protecting you, because ultimately your carrier would pursue you for its reimbursement; what is called its “subrogation interest.”

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